Center for Communication, Media and Information Technologies

Department of Electronic Systems, Aalborg University

Center for Communication, Media and Information technologies (CMI) engages in research and teaching in the area of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) including information technology (IT), telecommunications and media/broadcast. There is a focus on the convergence of technologies and industries and a special attention to the Internet, which increasingly is the common platform for ICT-based communications.

CMI’s research and teaching has a technology development as well as an analytical perspective. The overall aim is to explore and exploit the potential of ICT for innovative services and solutions and new business opportunities. Development activities are directed at applications and services. Analytical activities are directed at the interactions between users, technology, market, policy, and organizational developments. The foundational basis for CMI is that development activities have greater chances of success when they are based on analyses of interactions of technological and social factors, and that analytical activities gain by being part of development work.

CMI, therefore, has a technologically based interdisciplinary profile also including economic, political, and user aspects. Within this profile it is essential for CMI that the activities strengthen the disciplinary approaches included: Engineering, human-computer interaction, economics, and political science. The aim is to contribute to the understanding of the development and use of ICTs and applications in a market / social perspective. This perspective includes user-driven innovation and user involvement in the development processes as well as market conditions and the political / socio-economic framework for technological developments.

Specifically, CMI engages in:

  • Development of creative and innovative concepts, solutions, applications, and services based on state-of-the-art ICT and media prototypes, demos, and projects
  • Analyses of the market conditions as well as the political and socio-economic frameworks for new converged media and services
  • Development of secure social, cognitive and context-aware services based on the users’ social networks, behavior and feedback enforced by privacy enhancing technologies, also in order to protect the user from identity theft
  • Studies of mobility and user experience concepts of new services and converged IT and media solutions with focus on user acceptance
  • Close collaboration with industry including research projects and promotion of start-ups

The education activities of CMI include the ITCOM bachelor and ICTE master education, a continuing education programme in ICT (mICT), and a PhD programme. In addition, CMI contributes to other programmes at Aalborg University, including Management and informatics in the building industry.

CMI is part of CTiF Copenhagen, one of the branches of Center for TeleInFrastructure. For more information about CTiF please refer to the CTiF website.