Innovative communication technologies and entrepreneurship (ICTE)

The MSc programme is application-oriented and combines a solid technical engineering knowledge about communication technologies and converging media (mobile phones, Internet and digital TV) with innovation, creativity, market, and user perspectives.

Market, Users and Technology

The combined study of the interplay between the market, the users and the technology is a unique feature of the ICTE programme. All three areas are important. The ICTE programme thus combines ICT engineering with economics and user studies. You will get a broad insight into the new technologies and their potential and will be capable of transforming this knowledge into innovative applications, services and solutions, which target the needs of users in their daily life.

As a student you will also learn about the latest development in information, communication and media technologies, and you will learn to understand the market-related, regulatory and ethical framework for their application. An important part of this is to identify relevant user needs and understand how users interact with the technologies and perceive them as value-adding.

You will learn how to develop user-friendly concepts, applications and services with a real business potential and to analyse the use of information and communication technologies in companies and organisations, where they often play a central role for company strategies, work processes and knowledge sharing.

The programme is based on a high degree of group work - we practice Problem-Based Learning. You'll have lectures, seminars, individual work and project work in groups. Your work will be project-based. All projects must include both a technical solution to a practical problem and considerations of the organizational and economic aspects, which are necessary for the solution to be applied in practice.

All courses are taught in English.

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