Personal Data, Privacy & IT Security - 6 Day Special Course

The Center for Communication, Media and Information technologies (CMI) at Aalborg University in Copenhagen, Denmark offers a 6-day intensive course on personal data, privacy, cyber-security and cyber-crime on October 6-8 and November 17-19 in Copenhagen.

The course is conducted by noted academics, professors, and business leaders in the field. The fee is 6000 DKK and is open to all participants with a bachelor degree and two years of working experience. Register by July 1.
This course covers EU and Danish privacy regulation, the rules on the processing of sensitive personal data,  cyber-crime and related cybersecurity topics. The course is offered in English.
Following the recent adoption of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) for the European Union, the course offers timely and helpful review of new cybersecurity rules impacting enterprises in the EU. The new EU law requires that IT enterprises with 250 employees or more to have a data protection officer. The requirement also applies to companies where the core activities encompass data handling involving the monitoring and registration of sensitive personal information.

The course is aimed at working professionals and executives in both public and private organizations with a minimum of a bachelor's degree.  Attendance to the course and completion of assignments will offer eligible students 5 ECTS.
The course will use a combination of problem-based learning as well as case studies to present the skills on how to practice the privacy and IT security protection and prevent and respond to cyberattacks. It consists of two intensive seminars from Thursday to Saturday (scheduled the dates referred to above) which provide participants with a variety of tools and skills to:

  • Ensure compliance with privacy regulation rules in practice by understanding the principles and obligations for data controllers and processors, as well as rights for data subjects;

  • Develop an understanding of rules on IT security in the Personal Data Protection Act;

  • Familiarize participants with the Danish Data Protection Agency and other data protection authorities;

  • Develop a general understanding of the legal process and rules governing how to address recent cyber-attacks in the enterprise;

  • Learn how to develop the appropriate data security plans and policies for the enterprise.

Classes and instruction are based upon real world data and scenarios so that participants can learn and apply relevant knowledge immediately and draw upon best-in-class academic research and business practices.

The classes are held in Copenhagen at CMI- Aalborg University,  an interdisciplinary research institute for technology, politics, law and economics. 

Instructors include leading professors and academics as well as legal scholars, attorneys and data protection professionals. 

Instructors include:

Additional training and instruction in personal data and cybersecurity is offered by Plesner.

Continuing Education MICT

The Master in Information and Communication Technologies (mICT) is an international Master's program at Aalborg University designed for you who work in the ICT industry and want to keep your job while you are participating in a Master's program. The courses are mainly given in the evening and during weekends.


Center for Communication, Media and Information technologies

Center for Communication, Media and Information technologies (CMI) engages in research and teaching in the area of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) including information technology (IT), telecommunications and media/broadcast.

There is a focus on the convergence of technologies and industries and a special attention to the Internet, which increasingly is the common platform for ICT-based communications. CMI is a research center in the section "Infrastructure, services and Entrepreneurship" (ISE) at Department of Electronic Systems, AAU.

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