PWs@PhD Erasmus+ Project

PWs@PhD Erasmus+ Project

Meetings and workshops about advanced software engineering methods and tools at the University of Jordan in Amman

From Aalborg University, CMI Director, Professor Knud Erik Skouby, Erasmus+ Project AAU coordinator Associate Professor Lene Tolstrup Sørensen, Associate Professor Morten Falch and the PhD students Joseph, Kenneth and Kamal attended the program in Amman, Jordan. The staff members were in Jordan for a week (5th Feb till 10th Feb, 2017) and the PhD students were in Jordan for 2 Weeks (29th Jan, 2016 till 10th Feb, 2017). The general impression of the meeting from the students and staff was that it was informative and useful.

In this Erasmus+ Project, software engineering specialists, doctors, professors and researchers from various countries around the world - Denmark, UK, China, Russia, Finland, Germany, Ghana and Ethiopia - participated in the program. The multi-national experts in the field of software engineering methods including object-oriented, agile, data-centric, cloud computing and traditional approaches shared and explored their knowledge.

The program serves to enhance the skills of PhDs in selecting an appropriate method or methods for software development projects at hand and various types of software systems such as safety-safety systems, biometrics-based security systems, interactive consumer services, enterprise applications, cloud based applications, environmental sustainability monitoring and service co-creation, the emerging citizen science/observatories and the challenges of data-human interaction and hardware software (drive pilots), etc. The WP tasks are designed to be an opportunity for students from the participating universities to identify the challenges facing the software engineering research community as well as avenues for investigations.

The PhD students Kamal Kant Hiran, Joseph Kofi Wireko and Kenneth Kwame Azumah gave a presentation on their research at CMI. During the program there was also a good presentation by the host about the software industry and a visit to ProgressSoft, Amman in Jordan.

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