Visiting Scholar

Leila Fanaee

A new visiting scholar from Tehran University, Leila Fanaee, has started at CMI on 15 May 2017, and she will stay at CMI for a period of six months. Leila Fanaee received her Master’s Degree in Corporate Entrepreneurship from University of Tehran and started her PhD studies in the same major and at the same university in September 2012. Her dissertation subject is “Exploratory Analyzing the Process of Organizational Entrepreneurial Learning in Innovative Video on Demand Businesses”. Her Research method is Grounded Theory, and she has studied 12 Iranian VOD companies for 2 years. She has submitted two papers in the field of entrepreneurial learning. At present she is working on two papers regarding conceptualizing the construct of “Corporate Entrepreneurial Learning” and the application of it with selected VOD companies in Denmark.

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