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Legal and political barriers and challenges in deploying of telecom solutions in Russia, Kazakhstan and Ukraine

The objective of the research is to investigate the legal and political barriers and challenges the telecoms business operators face while deploying modern IP based telecoms solutions in rural Russia, Kazakhstan and Ukraine. The study intends to provide an insight into their nature and categorize them into legal (flaws of legislation and regulation) and non-legal (social, financial, technical, political etc.) origins. The study will also focus on elaborating on practical solutions, strategy and remedies on how companies in the telecoms business can successfully navigate around the identified barriers and challenges on the telecoms market in Russia, Kazakhstan and Ukraine.

As part of multidisciplinary research, the study will provide an overview and analyses of the current technical solutions being applied in the target countries, technical infrastructure and conditions, including geographical distribution and density of signal transmission equipment, to define the gap in technology and visualize the technical perspectives and potential for deploying the modern telecoms solutions, elaborated by European companies.

Student: Olga Kretova Supervisor: Morten Falch

Ongoing PhD projects