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Managing and Visualising Personal Information Privacy using a Life Management Platform

Mobile and wireless communication have brought many benefits for individuals, who are using their smart devices to make audio as well as video calls, connect with their friends and relatives on one click, buy clothes and movie tickets, read e-books while waiting for a train, etc. However, the cost of using all these services is that service providers extensively collect and make use of our personal information. A huge variety of information is collected, stored and processed without the user’s consent, and our privacy is seriously at risk.

Using ‘Big Data’ techniques, hidden patterns can be revealed, and additional value can be extracted from the data, giving rise to serious problems with leakage of our personal data. Today, the user’s personal information has become an economic asset for the service providers, and it is an important part of their business models. Access, disclosure, sharing and misuse of personal information about individuals are a key motivation for this research. To address the privacy issues in big data (“big privacy”), it is important to develop a platform for individuals, which can enhance their understanding of the value of personal information through visualization.

This research will assist users to make privacy-aware choices/decisions when sharing sensitive and valuable information in online transactions. The research results will enable new business opportunities focused on trust, customization of user’s interest and the economic value of personal information.

Student: Prashant S Dhotre Supervisor: Henning Olesen

Ongoing PhD projects