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CMI publishes in cooperation with River Publishers antologies:

The African Mobile Story

Skouby, Knud Erik and Williams, Idongesit (eds.) (2014) The African Mobile Story. The River Publishers Series in Communication

Africa and especially Sub-Saharan Africa has during the past decade witnessed one of the fastest growing markets in mobile communication. This growth is recognized to have played a pivotal role in Africa's socio-economic development. It has a huge impact on residential living patterns; on business networks and models; and on government services and income sources. The mobile industry has contributed more to economic growth than in any other comparable region globally introducing innovative, broadly used applications. Technical topics discussed in the book include:

  • Mobile development in Sub-Saharan Africa
  • Telecom liberalization in Africa
  • Role of mobile in socio-economic development
  • Mobile applications in specific sectros
  • Security in African mobile
  • Role of pre-paid in Africa

The book can be ordered from River Publishers at a price of EUR 90,-.

ISBN: 9788793102637

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