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Last modified: 11.02.2019

Two researchers and four students from CMI participated January 8-11 2019 in the 52nd Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences (HICSS) on Maui, Hawaii. HICSS is an annual conference for Information Systems and Information Technology. The 2019 conference showed the highest participation so far; with more than 1200 participants; 1540 submissions and 782 selected presentations HICSS consolidated its reputation as the longest standing and one of the prestigious international conferences for IS/IT.

A workshop on “User Controlled Privacy in Next Generation Mobile (5G)" and a Mini track on “Privacy and Economics” were organised by Samant Khajuria (Terma) and Knud Erik Skouby & Lene Sørensen from CMI. The two activities were inspired by results and discussions within WWRF (Wireless World Research Forum) and included two CMI-based presentations: GDPR compliance assessment for SMEs and ATHiCC: An Anonomous, Asynchronous, Serverless Instant Messaging Tool. Further, a new initiative within WWRF, Business Models for 5G, was presented and attracted active interest from the well-attended (25+) activities.