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Hacker Competition for High-School Students

Hacker Competition for High-School Students

Last modified: 17.11.2021

Hacker Competition for High-School Students                          hosted by Aalborg University and CyberSkills


By Michael Christensen and Rasmus Broholm

From the 5th to the 7th of November, 90 high school students attended a hacking competition at Aalborg University, using the internally created cybersecurity training platform Haaukins. Multiple high schools were represented with 16 teams in total, competing against each other. The students stayed overnight at the university, as they all came from different cities around Denmark. Food and drinks were provided for the attendees during the weekend, funded by Industriens Fond.

The aim of the competition was to increase awareness of cybersecurity and introduce young students into the community. The students left the competition with better competences regarding cybersecurity, working in teams and with new acquaintances who could possibly be a part of their journey in pursuing a career in cybersecurity.

The event was divided into three parts, the first about risk management presented by DTU, the second part was a CTF (Capture The Flag) contest created by AAU and the third about responsible disclosure presented by ITU. During the first and third part, students had to hand in assignments. The teams got scores based on the assignments and the CTF, which in total determined the winner of the event.

Hosting these events enables students to test their skills and gain new knowledge, which they can use in their further careers.

This event is recurring the past few years, with huge success, increasing both awareness, along with the participants’ interest in cybersecurity. Being able to gather 90 high school students during a weekend to learn about cybersecurity and hacking shows that the interest is high and that the field is growing.

Throughout the CTF many students worked hard on solving the challenges causing for celebration when a challenge was completed. When a group managed to complete one of the harder challenges, they got up and shouted and many other teams applauded at them, showing good team spirit, even from competing teams.

The winners of the competition, FSociety, elaborated on how they won “We were good at working together and when there were problems, we put our heads together in order to solve them. We kept on pushing when it got difficult and helped each other out, which resulted in success most of the time”