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Last modified: 09.03.2020

INCOMING (Innovation and excellence in massive-scale communications and information processing)

By Cedomir Stefanovic

INCOMING kick-off meeting 20-24 January 2020 in Serbia

The kick-off of INCOMING project took place at the University of Novi Sad, Serbia, in January 2020. The project was granted under WIDESPREAD-2018-03 (CSA) Twinning call. The project lays out ambitious research-intensive and innovation-oriented plan to make the iCONIC centre at the Faculty of Technical Sciences (University of Novi Sad, Serbia) a regional 5G lighthouse by twinning it with Aalborg University (Denmark), Chalmers University of Technology (Sweden) and German Aerospace Centre (Germany. The focus of the project work will be on massive IoT Communications, large-scale distributed information processing, and reconfigurable hardware design. INCOMING will use staff exchanges, expert trainings, summer schools and workshops to boost the research excellence of iCONIC staff members. INCOMING project will set up a regional 5G Innovation and Technology Hub (5G-IT-Hub) as an interface between iCONIC and growing regional ICT sector. The scientist in charge at AAU is Cedomir Stefanovic, assoc. prof.