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CMI News

Industry Seminar for Students

Last modified: 09.03.2020

By Morten Falch

Mellanox, Motorola Solutions, TDC/Ericsson 5G innovation hub did presentations at a meeting with students from ITCOM, ICTE and DC Lead. Motorola Solutions had formulated a number of specific proposals for semester projects and TDC/Ericsson invited for projects on 5G services and applications. Mellanox offered an internship in Japan on signal processing and optical communication. Additionally, there was a presentation by AAU Tech Incubator with information on resources available at the campus for students, who want to set-up their own company. And finally, there was a presentation of AAU superprojects on IoT and AAU Megaprojects on sustainability (including ICT solutions).

A total of 25 students were present at the industry seminar and had discussions with the industrial representatives afterwards.