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Sixthsense project

Last modified: 09.03.2020

By Cedomir Stefanovic

SIXTHSENSE (Smart integrated extreme environment health monitor with sensory feedback for the empowerment of situation awareness)

The project H2020 SIXTHSENSE has entered the grant preparation phase. The proposal was submitted under SU-DRS02-2019 (RIA) call: Technologies for first responders. SIXTHSENSE is a multidisciplinary innovation and research action whose goal is to develop an advanced solution for on-site coordination among first responders, thus improving mission efficacy and safety. The solution will make use of real-time information about the physical and mental condition of team members through measurement and analysis of relevant biomarkers. The multimodal data collected by innovative sensors will be fused and converted into information by a real-time decision support system based on predictive models. The information will be delivered using mission-critical communication systems directly to the first responders by closed-loop tactile feedback and to the command center through an intuitive and comprehensive multifunctional dashboard.

The project gathers 20 partners from academic, industrial and public domain. The team at AAU, led by assoc. prof. Cedomir Stefanovic, will be in charge of design and development of the mission-critical communication solution. The project starting date is expected to be in the second half of 2020.