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TEC Girls: DC Lead Students at CMI

TEC Girls: DC Lead Students at CMI

Last modified: 21.06.2019

Over the last 3 years, CMI has been involved in the Digital Communication Leadership (DC Lead) the joint Erasmus Mondus Master Degree study. Purpose of the DC Lead is to educate students through an interdisciplinary education in digital communication. Students can choose to come to CMI for a semester in Digital Technology and Management, where they receive a profound understanding of communication technologies amongst others and work through the principles of PBL in project work.

During the 3 years, more than 60% of the students taking the more technical direction at CMI are women! That is exceptional since educations within technology often have a lack of women – a theme which has been on conferences and special working groups at universities in Denmark for a while.

We have asked the current female students about their motivation for taking the more technical semester during their study, and the answers can be read hereunder.

Sharona Boonman

During my previous degree (MSc in Data science) I noticed that I would like to learn how to apply machine learning techniques to the field of digital communication. Therefore, I am glad I have the opportunity to learn more about digital communication technologies and to combine these fields during my master thesis.

Sarah Jeske

I had the opportunity to do an exchange semester in Aarhus during my Bachelor and immediately fell in love with the hyggelig culture and lifestyle in Denmark.I am more than happy to be back - this time in Denmark's capital - to do my Masters in Digital Communication Leadership at Aalborg University Copenhagen.I believe this programme will help me combine my previous studies of Media Informatics and Human-Computer Interaction with social sciences and management studies to master the future challenges of digital communication.

Aigerim Baigunussova

Last autumn in Austria, I started doing my Masters program in  “Digital Communication leadership”  but I will spend most of my study in the capital of Denmark, Copenhagen. I think I am lucky because the city gives us the opportunity to develop and promote our ideas. Aalborg University is a catalyst for the students, which strongly supports business ideas and tries to guide and help. My previous education was more connected with computer science. Now I have the opportunity to use this knowledge, and Aalborg University helps to broaden my horizons and not be afraid to think like an entrepreneur.

Linet Lores Sánchez

Coming from a completely diverse world, Cuba, studying and starting a life in Europe is an experience I would not have foreseen. For me, arriving in Copenhagen was like waking up in another dimension. Driverless metros, smart lighting, wind and biomass energy, highways for bikes, and other many (for me) unimaginable innovations, made me feel reborn in a futuristic era: the era of technology and sustainable development, where ICTs are combined with human talent to benefit both environment and humankind. As a master student of Digital Communication Leadership, I have no doubt that choosing this track of Digital Technology and Management, was the correct decision. Aalborg University of Copenhagen received me with a “hygge” study lounge area, a fabulous team of supervisors, and the open doors to embrace the Danish culture. I find myself in a fertile land to flourish, as a computer engineer, as an entrepreneur, as a  as a woman.

Nkechi Osuji

Life in Copenhagen as a DCLeader in Aalborg university has been a learning experience especially in the field of digital technology and management. As a master student, I have privilege to learn from highly qualified professors and my fellow students through collaborative work and just simple interactions in class and Friday bars. Studying in this environment has helped me gained more international exposure to face the challenges of the corporate and entrepreneurial world. It is also worth to note that I am also slowly integrating into the Danish culture; learning about ‘hygge’ and the language which is not an easy one, but it is not impossible. I would recommend studying at this prestigious university because it integrates everything and more you can ask for as an international student.