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WWRF 44, Copenhagen Summary

Last modified: 18.08.2020

CMI organized and hosted the 44th meeting of WWRF 29 June to 1 July 2020 with theme:


CMI premises in Sydhavnen was planned as meeting location, but due to the Corona-virus situation, the meeting was changed to an online meeting. The usual social interaction during breaks, reception and dinner was missing, but the online form facilitated a relatively high number of participants (119 registered) – especially students/ PhD students - from all continents.

The meeting had a very packed programme with 7 plenaries and 11 working group beak-out sessions (see  The plenary programme covered a broad area related to 5G: emerging use cases; Smart Cities; security, IMT-2020 development; beyond 5G; Business models; and Industry 4.0. The working group sessions presented material and discussions related to all of the active working groups within WWRF.

There were some organizational/ technical challenges with the online form bur they were overcome and the meeting was concluded successfully, both with respect to content and form (it even included a – limited – conference dinner for local participants) which inspired WWRF to include online seminars/ meetings in the future. Local organizers were Lene Tolstrup Sørensen, Idongesit Williams, Knud Erik Skouby & Samant Khajuria (Terma).