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Two New Books

Initiated and edited by CMI staff the books have been launched in the WWRF series by River Publishers

Last modified: 29.06.2017

Cybersecurity and Privacy - Bridging the Gap

Editors: Samant Khajuria, Lene Sørensen, Knud Erik Skouby.

The huge potential in future connected services has as a precondition that privacy and security needs are dealt with in order for new services to be accepted. This issue is increasingly on the agenda both at company and at individual level. 

Cybersecurity and Privacy - bridging the gap addresses two very complex fields of the digital world, i.e., Cybersecurity and Privacy. These multifaceted, multidisciplinary and complex issues are usually understood and valued differently by different individuals, data holders and legal bodies. But a change in one field immediately affects the others. Policies, frameworks, strategies, laws, tools, techniques, and technologies - all of these are tightly interwoven when it comes to security and privacy. 


Handbook on ICT in Developing Countries: 5G Perspective

Editors: Knud Erik Skouby, Idongesit Williams, Albert Gyamfi

The mobile communications market in developing countries is growing at a rapid rate. This is evident in the rapid spread of mobile broadband cellular networks such as 3G. 4G is also being deployed in developing countries around the world. As the global communications market proceeds towards 5G, it is evident that developing countries will not be left behind. However, there are challenges and barriers on the road ahead specific to developing countries. To support policy makers, researchers and members of the academia make informed decisions that will advance the introduction of 5G, this handbook provides an insight into the impact of existing mobile cellular networks in some developing countries.