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On the occasion of the introduction of GDPR in May 25, 2018, Jannick Kirk Sørensen and Sokol Kosta from CMI measure which third-party servers are contacted when users browse different types of websites: media, public tranport, shopping, entertainment, and university. The researchers have selected +1300 websites from 41 European countries, covering both countries from and outside the EU. The websites are accessed from three locations: Denmark, Italy, and Hong Kong. The research design provides comparable data, as websites outside EU accessed from Hong do not need to comply with GDPR. The more than 12.000 webpages (about 10 pages per website) are visited regularly to detect possible fluctuations and patterns in the appearance of third-party servers.

Tentative results on Danish media websites, presented in a press release in the occasion of GDPR, led to good press coverage in the Danish media:


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