PhD at CMI

PhD Education

The PhD program of CMI builds on the general interdisciplinary research platform of CMI. 

Projects can either be technically oriented or interdisciplinary. Technology developments can be examined in a broader societal context. This means that market, policy, economic, and other social conditions for technology developments can be examined. 

The PhD program of CMI is part of the Doctoral Program of the Department of Planning but hosts also PhD students from other AAU PhD schools.

For information on CMI’s PhD program and on admission contact: Professor Anders Henten, email:

PhD topics

Examples of projects currently undertaken at CMI are:

  • Identity management
  • Intelligent Traffic Systems
  • E-learning
  • The policy and regulation of emergency networks
  • Cyber security
  • Internet of Things
  • Mobile social networks
  • Adoption of mobile data services

Self-funded PhD at CMI

A PhD project can be shaped and financed in different ways. One way is to apply for one of the announced positions. Another option is an Industrial PhD in collaboration with a company. A third option is to become a Self-funded PhD Student at CMI.

Self-funded PhD Student at CMI

  • Develop your PhD project within the CMI research areas
  • PhD supervisor from CMI
  • Three years of study (full-time)
  • Inter-disciplinary research group
  • Discuss with fellow PhD students

To become a Self-funded PhD student you must fulfill specific requirements, hereunder paying a fee of DKK 50.000,- per year as an administration fee.

When studying for a PhD degree at CMI you will become a part of The technical doctoral school of IT and Design

Contact Head of Section Reza Tadayoni or Professor Anders Hansen Henten for further information.

Entry REquirements