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Universities worldwide are becoming are become Trans-National providing education through adopting web based learning and teaching via Learning Management Systems, with developing countries like Ghana involved in this evolving collaborative delivery. Whether this is an effective introduction depends on the collaborative arrangements, delivery platforms, the factors that enable and impede the adoption of such systems and the related strategies.

The Ghana Technology University College runs transnational education programs, employing Learning Management Systems to facilitate the delivery of courses. ‘The adoption of the GTUC Learning management System in a blended learning approach has not met the objectives that it set to achieve.

This study examines the underlying contextual factors inherent in Trans-National Education arrangement and how these inform Learning Management Systems deployment in foreign host institutions and the factors that would influence the adoption by the users.

We will explore the contextual issues that influence the adoption of LMS in Transnational Educational Institutions in Ghana, with GTUC as a case study and seek to frame a model for adopting LMS in a TNE institution in a developing country context.

With the gap in literature in understanding the adoption factors for LMS in TNE institutions, we ask the following research question; what are the concepts and philosophies of delivering TNE programs and what contextualized processes informs the adoption of LMS in TNE institutions?

As part of researching the research questions, the following set of objectives are set;

  • Examine the concepts and theories of TNE and LMS
  • Identify the contextualized processes for TNE institutions adoption of LMS
  • Assess the contextualized processes influencing the adoption of LMS
  • Identify the factors that influence adoption of LMS in TNE institutions.
  • Assess the factors that influence user adoption of LMS in TNE institutions.
  • Develop a model of LMS adoption by TNE institutions

Student: Ahmed Antwi-Boampong Supervisor: Lene Sørensen