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Analytical Framework of Cloud Computing in the Education for Developing Countries

Educational systems across the globe have undergone phenomenal metamorphosis since the yore. The rampant changes were witnessed especially during the past decade due to the intervention of technology as a mainstream communication tool. The burgeoning growth and application of technology in all learning platforms through its myriad forms transformed the way educational needs are met. With the advent of newer tools and processes both precepts and practices have become quite open to the world and the global scholars are benefited beyond. As things stand now, we are in an era of Information Communication Technology where all the essential resources of learning are delivered through collaborations and collisions. Furthermore, in order to achieve human goals one of the prerequisite is education. Education has multiple dimensions enveloping fundamental schooling to higher education and research. In all these domains, there is invariably a need for servers, storage and software that are highly demanded in the Universities, Colleges and Schools. Thus, there is a need of comprehensive technology support system to cater to the demands of all educational clients. Cloud Computing is one such comprehensive and user-friendly technology support environment that is the need of an hour. In short, cloud computing attempts to deal with data mobilisation from local servers to the Internet, and help provide users the ability to access and share information through multiple devices without any time lines. The proposed study is an attempt to focus on the advancements being made in the field of cloud computing and capture some of the vital areas that this new technological environment serves vis-a-vis educational segments of the developing world.

It has been found in surrounding schools, colleges and universities that the emphasis is on conventional mode of teaching and learning, rather than making use of advancements of technology to serve the student community better. This is the reason which motivated the current research to be conducted and identify the key areas where the conventional methods can be overcome through cloud computing and help support the trio (Institution, Teacher and Taught).

The study ensures to bring in acceptability and adoption rate of cloud computing methods in the day to day operations by all or majority of the institution established in the study area. It will also discuss the extent to which adopting to cloud computing in Education and related domains of learning process, the institutions deliver output efficiently and effectively without compromising on the quality, time and cost.

Research Focus: Adoption of Cloud computing technology in the Academic Institutions to improve services delivery.

Student: Kamal Kant Hiran Principal Supervisor: Anders Henten Co-Supervisor: Samant Khajuria