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The recent advances in technology and its application in various aspects of economic, social and political endeavors has in no doubt catapulted the economies of nations such as China, Malaysia and India. This has prompted many governments (especially Sub-Saharan African countries) to start thinking of going digital. The central backbone to these initiatives is the implementation of effective and efficient e-government platforms and systems. This growing importance stems from the fact that e-government has the capability of promoting better governance, transparency, raising service performance and eliminating bottlenecks in the service delivery process. The Government of Ghana in response to this global trend and with a view to reducing corruption and political/institutional bottlenecks in service delivery has actively and consistently develop policies to govern the Infrastructural, financial, political, organizational, socio-economic and human aspects of implementing e-government.

This research seeks to fine the factors that affect the development of E-Government infrastructure in Ghana.  The research is a case study involving the e-Government ecosystem in Ghana. The investigation into the infrastructure cuts across the different layers of infrastructure that can be identified. This includes, the institutional Infrastructure, the network infrastructure, the service and application infrastructures.  These factors are identified using the Institutional Theory as an analytical framework. My Philosophical approach is subjectivism as my interest is in finding coherent truth. The expected outcome of the research is to provide a picture of the challenges affecting e-government infrastructure delivery in Ghana. This may lead to recommendations.

Student Fauziatu Salifu Supervisor Anders Henten