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Electronic Voting Adoption in Developing Countries: Ghana as a case study.

The main focus of this research is to examine the major factors that will influence the adoption of e-voting system as a technology to use for voting in general elections in developing countries, using Ghana as a case study. The outcry for the adoption of e-voting system by various political parties and voters has intensified in recent years in Ghana, this is due to the perception that the current paper-based voting is not reliable due to recurring challenges that surfaced during each election period. Voters and politicians has no confidence in the existing voting process, and this loss of confidence resulted in the largest opposition party going to court to challenge the results of December 2012 presidential election . In the past fear years several elections context in Africa has been marred by election violence all due to the mistrust in the current methods of voting.

The objectives of the research is as follows:

1. To examine the significant factors that will influence the adoption of e-voting system in Ghana

2. To describe how Trust in entity and Trust in technology can be a significant factor in voters behavioral intention to use e-voting

3. To examine the social, cultural, stakeholders and technological challenges of adopting e-voting

4. To develop a conceptual model to test the readiness of e-voting adoption

Student: Samuel Agbesi Supervisor: Iwona Windekilde