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Improving data distribution and sharing in a hybrid cloud environment: The case of Ghanaian healthcare provider

Hybrid cloud computing is an architecture that gives organisations the best of the two worlds of private and public clouds. Whilst the private cloud gives the organisation control over its sensitive data, the public cloud facilitates access to elastic computing resources without the traditionally high upfront expenses associated with IT infrastructure setup. How well a hybrid cloud serves an organisation’s business processes depends on the characteristics of the network architecture. The performance of a hybrid cloud is most often measured using metrics of availability, reliability, response time and throughput . These alone, however, do not indicate how an organisation’s business processes are impacted by a hybrid cloud computing adoption. Close support for an existing business model can be measured from varied perspectives. One perspective is the performance analysis of the actual business process to examine if flow and waiting times of the activities are in conformity with the existing business model. This project applies process mining as a tool to analyse the performance of business processes executed over the hybrid cloud environment. The case of a selected hospital in Ghana will be examined in an attempt to unpack the potential issues associated with process mining using event data in the context of a developing country with unreliable internet infrastructure. The results from the study will provide insight into how hybrid cloud adoption impacts on the business processes of healthcare organisations in developing countries. It will also add to body of literature the demonstration of process mining using data obtained from a healthcare organisation in a developing country.

Student: Kenneth Kwame Azumah  Supervisor: Lene Sørensen