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Policy framework to facilitate access to telecom infrastructure for Ghanaian mobile network operators

This is a paper based PhD focused on “policy formulation issues regarding access to telecom infrastructure within the Ghanaian mobile network operators”.

The global economy is increasingly becoming dependent on telecommunication infrastructure and services. For most developed countries, telecom infrastructure establishment has come far, while developing countries still confront the problem of huge telecommunication infrastructure gap and the associated huge cost of investment. For wide coverage and strong competitive advantage, network companies must expand their coverage of equipment or infrastructure to every possible geographical area. it is therefore of prime importance to make telecommunication infrastructure available and accessible to all so that developing economies like Ghana can also maximize the full potentials of telecommunication.

In particular the research will examine policy initiatives including Infrastructure access pricing strategies among MNO’s, while evaluating potential effects of current pricing strategies of the telecom infrastructure owners in Ghana on customers and social welfare. The research will also proposed other innovative strategies of bridging the infrastructure access gap.

Student: Alexander Osei-Owusu Supervisor: Anders Henten