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Visualisation and Analysis of Big Open Data and Sensor Data

The Ph.D. project is affiliated with the Community Drive project that is a technical and humanistic research and development project, focusing on education, learning, and the co-production of knowledge. The research focuses on the city’s many types of data and how to put them into use especially in an educational context. The project focuses on collecting relevant educational data about the city and its utilisation in the educational sector. The work is partly focused on how existing Open Data could facilitate the educational process in the Danish public schools and how we can integrate technology in schools in a way that benefits students’ digital and learning skills. We are aiming to design a platform for schools that will facilitate school teachers and students in accessing educational open datasets as part of their subjects in the form of visualisation. To understand the concept of data at an early stage in schools, we are also aiming to develop requirements models for school-friendly sensors that will provide a hand-in experience to students to measure and collect data about specific teaching tasks. 

Student: Mubashrah Saddiqa                               Supervisor: Jens Myrup Pedersen

                                                                              Co-Supervisor: Birger Larsen

                                                                              Co-Supervisor: Rikke Magnussen