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A Novel Single Pass Authenticated Encryption Stream Cipher for Software Defined Radios




Due to variety of wireless communication standards (LTE, WiFi, WiMax etc), we need highly flexi-ble and interoperable communication systems. SDRs are used to meet the flexibility constraint. In order to avail this enabling technology that is applicable across a wide range of areas within the wireless infrastructure, these radios have to propose cryptographic services such as confidentiality, integrity and authentication. Therefore, integration of cryptographic services into SDR devices is essential.

Authenticated Encryption schemes donate the class of cryptographic algorithms that are designed for protecting both message confidentiality and its authenticity. Traditionally, this was achieved by using two independent algorithms for encryption and authentication. For past few years, new modes of operation of block cipher have been developed that allow us to use one algorithm for encryption as well as authentication. This makes authenticated encryption very attractive for low-cost low-power hardware implementations, as it allows for the substantial decrease in the circuit area and power consumed compared to the traditional schemes.

An authenticated encryption scheme is proposed with the focus of achieving high throughput and low overhead for SDRs. First part of the thesis focuses on the design of a 1-pass authenticated encryption scheme that can accomplish both message secrecy and authenticity in a single crypto-graphic primitive. The other part is the implementation of this design on re-configurable hardware by closely observing the trade-off between area/throughput performance parameters.

Date of defense: 15.11.2012



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