CMI working papers

CMI working papers

CMI working papers provide a means of early dissemination of completed research, summaries of the current state of knowledge in an area, or analyses of timely issues of public policy. They provide a basis for discussion and debate after research is completed, but generally before it is published in the professional literature.

CMI Papers are authored by CMI researchers, visitors and participants in CMI conferences, workshops and seminars, as well as colleagues working with CMI in its international network. Papers are refereed before publication. For additional information, contact the editors: Anders Henten and Jannick Kirk Sørensen.

En ny dagsorden for telepolitikken?

CMI Working Paper #10:

Morten Falch & Anders Henten (2015) En ny dagsorden for telepolitikken?
 ISBN: 978-87-7152-085-9