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BSc. MSc. PhD continuing education

CMI offers a technical-scientific Bachelor of Science (BSc) programme "ITCOM" and an engineering Master of Science (MSc) programme within ICT, media technologies and business development: "ICTE". Courses are taught in English. Students are requited internationally, currently from more than 16 countries.

The educations are research-based, and they have been designed in close collaboration with Danish industry partners and organizations, which are expected to be among the employers of the future bachelors and candidates from CMI.

Students, who complete these educations, will:

  • Acquire a deep technical knowledge about innovative communication technologies and entrepreneurship and an understanding of technical, organizational and market-related drivers which are shaping the convergence of these technologies,
  • Be able – in a creative manner – to take advantage of the huge potential of the new technologies possess, in terms of new business opportunities and services/solutions, aiming at targeted needs of the end users,
  • Be able to assess and compare relevant technologies in order to optimize technology choices and strategic decisions in the global market, 
  • Be able to develop applications and services which are relevant for the users, design optimized user interfaces and contribute to realization of the best user experiences.

The MSc programme had its first intakes in September 2009 and February 2010, and the BSc programme was launched September 2010.

Hear student's opion about ITCOM on YouTube. Hear a student testimonial about studying at ICTE, also on YouTube.


IT, communication and new media

ITCOM is a three year Bsc. Education in IT, communication and new media.

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PhD Education

The PhD program of the center for Communication, Media and Information technologies (CMI) builds on the general interdisciplinary platform of the center. Technology developments are examined in a broader societal context, implying that a technical science approach is combined with social science and humanities approaches. This means that market, policy, economic, and other social conditions for technology developments are examined as well as the implications of technology developments for business and other social developments. The program relates to user requirements and focuses on user involvement as well as the market conditions, the political and regulatory environment and the potentials for new business models and market developments.

PhD projects can focus on the development of technologies in the communication, media and information technology fields as well as the use aspects, the business potentials and the framework conditions including the economic environment and policy and regulation. Also, the application of communication, media and information technologies in different societal areas is an important part of the program. This applies, for instance, to learning, governance, and business application, and it applies to private consumers and citizens and their interaction in social media contexts, etc.

PhD at CMI


Innovative communication technologies and entrepreneurship

The MSc programme is application-oriented and combines a solid technical engineering knowledge about communication technologies and converging media (mobile phones, Internet and digital TV) with innovation, creativity, market, and user perspectives.

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Update your professional knowledge

Continuing Education MICT

The Master in Information and Communication Technologies (mICT) is an international Master's program at Aalborg University designed for you who work in the ICT industry and want to keep your job while you are participating in a Master's program. The courses are mainly given in the evening and during weekends.

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